Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Procenv 0.43 released

(Cough... This should probably be called the "I-almost-forgot-I-had-a-blog release"! :-)

Development has now moved to github:

So you can grab the release files here:

The move to github brings a few advantages, including Travis-CI integration:

Even more awesome being that, thanks to the wonder of webhooks, procenv is now building for lots of distros. Take a look at:

So you get to see the environment those builds run in and OBS is also providing procenv packages!

Here's the funky download page (just click your distro):

Caveat emptor: those packages are building off the tip, so are not necessarily releases - they are built from the latest commit! That said, since procenv runs a lot of tests at build-time, you should be reasonably safe.

If you'd rather opt for official releases, the new version should be in Debian and Ubuntu Xenial soon. It should also arrive in Clear Linux tomorrow.

As for what has changed since the last blog-post, just take a look at the NEWS file: