Monday, 4 March 2013

Upstart 1.7 released

We've just released Upstart 1.7 which expands Upstarts abilities a lot. I'll follow up with a further post explaining what these changes mean for users as this release is soon to appear in Ubuntu.

Summary of changes

  • New initctl commands: set-env, unset-env, get-env, list-env, reset-env, list-sessions (all except last with corresponding D-Bus methods).
  • New D-Bus-only signals EventEmitted, Restarted, and EndSession method.
  • Ability to run with PID >1 to allow Upstart to manage a user session.
    Running Upstart as a 'Session Init' in this way provides features
    above and beyond those provided by the original User Jobs such that
    the User Job facility has been removed entirely: to migrate from
    a system using User Jobs, simply ensure the user session is started with
    'init --user'.
  • New upstart-event-bridge bridge which proxies system-level events down to Session Inits, allowing users jobs to react to udev events.
  • Ability to read job configuration and override files from multiple freedesktop-compliant locations (Session Init only).
  • Ability to shutdown both via a system shutdown request and via a user logout request (Session Init only).
  • Additionally, there are a few bug fixes and 94 new tests.

Thanks to all the contributors, reviewers, testers and users!


Get it here


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