Friday, 22 March 2013

Upstart 1.8 released

Hot on the heels of Upstart 1.7 comes Upstart 1.8 which includes two interesting new features:

The File Bridge

Upstart now provides the upstart-file-bridge, a bridge that allows jobs to react to file events.

Here are a few examples:

Start a job when file is created, modified or deleted:
start on file FILE=/run/

Start job when file is created (only):

start on file FILE=/run/ EVENT=created

Start job when any files within a directory are created, modified or deleted:

start on file FILE=/var/log/

Start job when files that match a glob pattern are created in the indicated directory:

start on file FILE=/var/crash/*.crash EVENT=created

Even better, this bridge is available to both system jobs and users session jobs.

See upstart-file-bridge(8) and file-event(7) for further details.


The upstart-monitor tool covered in a previous post has also been added to the release. This allows you to see what events Upstart is emitting and how jobs are changing state both at the system and user session levels.

You can download Upstart 1.8 from:

Upstart 1.8 should be landing in Ubuntu Raring in the next few days. Thanks to all involved!


If you are interested in contributing to Upstart, we'd love to hear from you. Now is a great time to get involved, since with the advent of the upstart-monitor the fun expands to include GUI hackers too!! ;-)


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